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One of the most popular things that people increasingly like to do is to travel. Over the last few decades, the number of tourists who visit different places every year has been increasing significantly. People don’t mind saving money for a tour because of the kind of satisfaction that it gives them. Among the various travel destinations all over the world, one destination that is considered to be extremely attractive and popular among tourists is Indonesia. This beautiful Southeast Asian country is located between Asia and Australia, and is otherwise known as the Republic of Indonesia or Republik Indonesia. It is considered as the largest archipelago territory in the world. What can completely blow you out is the fact that this beautiful country is also called the “Thousand Island States,” mainly because Indonesia has a whopping total of 13,677 islands, which is absolutely incredible! So in all Indonesia has an area of about 1.9 million square kilometers. Another great thing about Indonesia is that it has plenty of exotic spices, cloves, cardamom and sandalwood. Moreover, it has more than 4,500 volcanoes, and this makes it the world’s largest existing volcanic country. All this makes it an extremely popular tourist destination.

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