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Seafaring isn’t just a hobby for sailors. You can do it too. Just boggle your mind on which cruise voyage you want to be on, what kind of sceneries you expect to sight …. vola…you’re ready to dawn upon those mighty deep blues.

The travel lovers might already know the concerns about rough seas and climatic conditions. The first time cruisers however need to know a few basics before setting out on the voyage. Some of the world cruises are allowed by ┬áThese would be the primary know-how one shouldn’t miss to pay attention to.

  • There are different types of seas and different types of cruises. One needs to decide on the number of members and consider a wise option.
  • Choosing a cruise based on the price alone isn’t right. Safe cruises and best sailors who can handle rough seas and harsh climate come with cost.
  • Pack light, eat right. People with seasickness need to be extra careful.
  • Themed Cruises like music cruises, food and drink cruises, celebrity cruises, health and wellness cruises are becoming more and more popular.
  • Study charts, weather reports, almanacs and navigation books need to be thoroughly read through and taken along
  • All supplies need to be checked if they’re stocked and in date
  • Maintaining a yacht with latest equipments like Satellite GPS and other sorts of locators are very costly.
  • Emergency exits and life rafts are the most essential and the travellers need to know where they are before setting off.

Best places to sea fare!

The Caribbean- Various beautiful islands all around. Barbados and Dominica on the east, Jamaica and Mexico on the west, Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago on the south , also private islands like Castaway Cay and Half Moon Cay.

Alaska- The breathtaking wildlife and picturesque scenery with glaciers and mountains greeting through as the passage. Many bays and islands and parks are part of this voyage.

The Mediterranean – You spectre bits of Italy, Spain and Greek islands. On the west are Rome, Venice, on the south are Tunisia and Egypt and the French Riviera is a must visit.

Hawaii – There are eight main islands and many national parks to visit. The activities on the coats are full of life and unforgettable after experiencing.

South Pacific- Islands of Moorea, Bora – Bora and a long ocean travel complementing the eye-catching panorama.



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