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postheadericon 10 things you should know before traveling to Bali

Bali is a stunning tropical island which is a blend of culture and modernity. Bali as a tourist destination comes with three important elements; natural beauty, supporting cultural, and a variety of gorgeous resorts. Elizabeth Gilbert puts Bali as her favorite tourist destination which is even more romantic than Hawaii. If you are planning to travel to Bali then you will see a great experience and here are 10 things to know before packing to Bali!

1. Wi-Fi is not always free
If you do not find Wi-Fi in public places then you have to look for it in the cafe, restaurant, or in the guesthouse that means you have to spend some money.

2. Hiring a motorbike
Hiring a motorbike is what recommended for anyone who wants to explore Bali without having to waste too much time in traffic jams. For information, you can rent a motorbike in Ubud for $ 6 per day.

3. Yellow Vodka should not be taken
If you explore the countryside in Bali then you will see a lot of vials containing yellow liquid lined on the streets. Do not take them because the yellow liquid is gasoline.

4. Krupuk
This is the name of Balinese fried rice sugar that must not be forgotten during your visit there. You will be craving it. Calm down, it’s cheap!

5. Taxi or minibus
If you cannot find a motorcycle for rent then you can use a taxi or minibus. If you use a metered taxi you should pay attention because some of the taxi drivers there used to cheat by applying too fast meter. If you use a minibus then you might have to hold back when it doesn’t provide comfort. If you get into an empty minibus, make sure the driver knows that you are not going to “charter”.

6. Pay the dollar to go in and save the rupiah to exit
You should change money at the airport. You may be charged $ 17 for departure. If you are from certain countries you might not need to use Visa associated with free-visa policy of the Indonesian government to stimulate foreign tourist arrivals.

7. Visit the temples
Of course Bali is known for its rich culture and your visit would not be complete if you do not visit some popular temples there. Be polite during your visit to temple. You may be told to use gloves that have been provided around the temple gate.

8. Check your travel calendar
Do not get left behind from various religious festivals of Bali. Check your travel calendar and make sure you know the schedule of events that you think are too important to pass up.

9. Watch your step
In Bali you will find many offerings of prayer scattered on the streets. Make sure you do not step on them otherwise you will face a big problem.

10. Rice is everything
In Bali and also in Indonesia, rice is the main food. If you want to feel the true sensation of Balinese life then you should familiarize yourself eating rice.

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